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Hawkesdale aerial

This is an aerial picture of Hawkesdale P12 College captured from Google Earth, showing the prerimeter of our school stadium. If you go to the ‘tools’ tab and click ‘ruler’ you can select ‘line’ or ‘path’ , which highlights and measures between points you mark. You can measure in centimeters, meters and kilometers. This shows that the roof area of the stadium measures 25 m wide and 30m long.

What is the perimeter of the stadium roof?

What is the area of the stadium roof?

Each square metre of roof area catches 1mm (1 cubic cm) of rainfall. So, to work out how much rain the stadium roof will catch you need to multiply the roof area by the monthly or annual rainfall. Using the new Bureau of Meterology “Climate Data Online” website you can find out the monthly and annual rainfall in Hawkesdale since 1884. Using the summary statistics for all years, leave me a comment about how much rain you would expect to collect this month or this year, showing your working.