Surveys and Data


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While I am away next week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) you are required to complete a class survey. Choose a topic of interest (favourite AFL football team, favourite ice-cream flavour, favourite sport etc), with at least four options, plus “Other”.

  • Tally your class results in a table.
  • Convert the results to percentages (use a calculator for this if necessary)
  • On a 100cm strip of paper, colour each section corresponding to the data collected. For example, if 10 out of 25 people voted for Essendon, colour 40cm of the strip in essendon colours.
  • Tape the ends of the paper strip together and create a pie chart on A3 paper from the paper circle.
  • Colour your pie chart carefully and give it a heading. Make sure you include a key to interpret the results.

Please also complete “Survey 2” by going to the tabs at the top of this post.