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Today your task is to identify an area of difficulty – use your Mathsmate sheets or Mathletics activities – and write yourself a goal. For example, “Today I will work out how to simplify ratios” or “I need to practise converting fractions to percentages”. You can print out the Skill Builders from Mathsmate or use the corresponding activities on Mathletics to practise. Ten minutes before the bell, leave a comment below about your goal and what you achieved.

Last week of term 3!

This week is our last week of school before September holidays and we also have Parent-Student-Teacher interviews on Wednesday afternoon and evening. I expect each of you to come along and discuss your progress in Maths with your parents as well as show them some of the great work you have been doing this semester. We will talk about your goals for Term 4 and beyond and how Maths is relevant to your future.
Well done to all of you who completed the Probability test last week – I was very pleased with the results.
Monday (period 3): Mathsmate and discuss the answers for the Proability test.
Tuesday (period 3): Skill builders for areas of improvement from Mathsmate
Wednesday (period 1): Converting fractions to decimals and percentages.
Thursday (period 1): Rates and Ratios.
Friday (period 3): Mathletics

Areas of Difficulty:
Some of you have been having problems with the following Mathsmate Questions:
Number 18 Expressing numbers as a product of it’s prime factors – Try this interactive at the NLVM “Factor Trees”.
Number 13 Operations with negative integers – “Color Chips – Subtraction”

Literacy and Numeracy Week

Commonwealth Bank Numeracy week banner

Image Source – Screenshot from Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge

This week is Literacy and Numeracy Week and one of the activities planned is the Mathletics Challenge, facilitated by the Commonwealth Bank. There will be prizes available including certificates, medallions, cricket kits and a cricket clinic with Simon Katich at the school with the most points per enrolled student. The free Challenge, available to all Australian schools, officially begins at 8:00am Tuesday 31 August and ends at 10:00pm on Wednesday 1 September. Each day will have a different focus on how points are collated for the Challenge Hall of Fame.

  • Tuesday 31 August – Curriculum Mathletics
  • Wednesday 1 September – Live Mathletics

I will be with Year 11 Biology students at Melbourne Zoo and the Botanical Gardens on Tuesday, so students in my Maths classes will have plenty of Mathletics activities to go on with. I’d like you to try “Operations with Number”, “Operations with Fractions” and/or “Fractions and Decimals”. This is great preparation for the work we are continuing to do with Probability.