Week 4: Re-visiting Negative Numbers

These three videos may help you to understand negative numbers:

  1. How they compare to positive numbers
  2. How to add and subtract integers
  3. How to multiply and divide integers

Watch each video and then complete the “Negative Numbers” test again.

Maths Antics – Negative Numbers video #1

Maths Antics – Adding and Subtracting Integers (video #2)

Maths Antics – Multiplying and Dividing Integers (video #3)

Welcome to Year 7 Maths 2012!


Welcome to our five new students from other primary schools and welcome back to the Year 7 class of 2012. This year we will use several different resources to support our maths learning:

We are starting with a unit of work on whole numbers – place value, basic operations, indices and square roots, order of operations, multiples, factors and prime numbers. We may have the opportunity to use the iPads with an app called “CountBy”, which is illustrated above. You can use this 100 square grid to create an “Erastothene’s Sieve”, which allows you to find the prime numbers under 100.