Fractions interactives from NLVM

Fractions as we know them today weren’t used in Europe until the 17th century. However, Egyptians have been using fractions since at least 1800BC, although they never wrote fractions with a numerator greater than one. These are called unit fractions. Fractions with a numerator greater than one were expressed as the sum of unit fractions. Find out more at the History of fractions and Egyptian fractions.

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has a range of interactive applets that you can access to learn about fractions:

Try at least three of these interactives and write a comment below about what you have learned.

Directed number – Positives and Negatives


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I will be away from school on Thursday – at a Maths PD, learning more about how to teach Maths! This is the work i would like you to complete while I am away:

  • Mathsmate worksheet 4 is due on Friday 4th March
  • Mathletics – each of you have several assigned tasks to complete
  • BBC Bitesize activities and quiz
  • Go to FUSE and complete this learning task: GEMT4H

Directed numbers are useful when you are talking about credit and debt, temperatures above and below zero and metres above and below sea level. Revise your knowledge of negative numbers here.

Complete this activity and then a quick test about negative numbers here. Have fun and good luck – let me know what you have learnt about negative numbers.

Algebra interactives


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This virtual manipulative from the National  Library, Algebra Scales, helps you to solve equations using a balance scales. This one is a little more difficult, Algebra Scales using negative numbers. Remember to do the same thing to both sides of the equation. Maths300 also has some good activities building equations. Try “Algebra Charts” and “What’s my Rule?”. When you have finished leave me a comment under this post about which activity helped you learn the most.