Calculating Gradient on YouTube!

Learning Intention:
Students will understand how to calculate the gradient of a straight line using three different methods.
Success Criteria:
You will be able to calculate the gradient of a line when given the linear equation, the graph or two sets of co-ordinates on the line.

Over the next five weeks, Miss Tara Richardson will be taking your Maths and Science classes as part of her teaching rounds in her final year of a Graduate Diploma of Education. She has created these great videos for YouTube to assist your learning about linear equations. Do they help you to understand gradient and y-intercepts and equations? Let her know what you think about them by clicking on the ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ buttons.

Algebra versus Cockroaches

This fun game from HotMaths requires you to use linear equations to knock out cockroaches on a cartesian plane. Choose a weapon and determine the equation of the line, which represents the path of a weapon, that is used to destroy cockroaches. Draw on your knowledge of the gradient and y-intercept of a line. There are different levels which get progressively harder as you move through the levels. Hints and a printable report, outlining your progress, are also available. Let me know what you learnt in the comments below.

Slopes and Equations of lines from Geogebra  has a series of five activities which begin with asking you to choose two points on the given line, then following the instructions and using the rule for gradient, calculate the gradient. The next activities ask you to find the gradient from a line you create and the last two activities require you to find the equation of the line. Good luck and have fun! Let me know how you go in the comment section. Which of the two sites helped you to learn more about gradient and linear equations?