Decimal Place Value

Today we completed an exercise where you needed to circle the decimal number with the highest value. Some of you found this really easy and have an excellent understanding of decimal place value. Some students will need to work on this skill by following the links below and completing the interactive activities on those two sites. Just remember that you can add as many zeros to the last digit of a decimal number and it does not change the value of that decimal.

Decimal Place Value at AAAMath

Pre-Algebra lessons at CoolMath

Understanding Fractions

typewriter fraction

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Many students struggle with the concept of fractions and it can be difficult to teach because students have many different misconceptions. Some problems can be diagnosed using the following tests:

  • a comparisons test with two columns of fractions- ask students to circle the largest fraction or put an equals sign for equivalent fractions
  • a number line between zero and 2 – ask students to mark specific fractions on the line.
  • Ask students to convert between fractions and decimals
  • Convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and the reverse

Next week we will be continuing to learn about fractions by making a poster, “Fractions eight different ways”. Each student will be given a card with a common fraction written on it. They then have to find their partner, by looking for the student with an equivalent fraction. Together, these students create a poster that shows their fraction eight ways:

  1. As part of a circle, cake, pizza or pie.
  2. As an array – part of a group of items.
  3. Written in text (one half, two thirds etc)
  4. As a decimal
  5. As a percentage
  6. Marked on a number line
  7. Part of a rod or rectangular shape
  8. With a numerator and denominator

Then, students are asked to write problems to which their fraction is the answer. So, for example, problems with the answer two-fifths:

  • We shared two cakes between five people, so we each got 2/5 of a cake.
  • There were 15 flowers in a vase. 6 of them were red and 9 of them were white. 2/5 of the flowers were red.
  • It is 50km from my house to Warrnambool. We pass through Woolsthorpe on our way to Warrnambool after driving for 20km.
  • Two out of five chocolates had hard centres.
  • 40% of students at school barrack for the Socceroos.