Sketching Linear Graphs

Miss Tara Richardson has produced another video “Sketching Linear Graphs” – her blog is at “My Blog”

Learning Intention:
Students will learn how to sketch linear graphs.
Success Criteria:
There are three different methods you can use to draw a linear graph
1. You can identify the y-intercept and gradient (rise over run) from an equation.
2. You can substitute values into an equation to find at least two co-ordinates.
3. You can use the intercept method to plot two points on the x and y axis. Plot the graph by substituting x=0 (the y-intercept) into the equation as the first point and substitute y=0 into the equation to find the second point.
Tell me which method you prefer to use and why?

Teaching Online – a new blog!

This week and for the next five weeks, I have a 4th year student teacher-in-training from University of Ballarat working with me. Michelle, Abby and Bianca are part of an innovative program that aims to ensure our future teachers are skilled in the effective use of technology and capable of delivering online learning programs. Michelle has made a flying start, teaching a 6/7 maths class using online algebra games. She was able to gain valuable feedback from the students using Wallwisher and comments on her brand new blog “Teaching Online“.

Anne Mirtchin and I have demonstrated Wordle, Voki’s, blogs, wikis, Google Docs and Irfanview and the girls have shown they are very quick learners! Next Friday we will be attending the Country Education Project seminar, “21st Century Learning in Rural Learning Communitites” at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. This forum is a fantastic opportunity for rural educators of the future to spend a day with Mr. Stephen Heppell – a renowned international speaker on 21st century learning.