Cartesian Co-ordinate Games

October 24, 2010


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When you play battleships you are learning more than just how to blow up your partner’s ships. It is a great way to learn about cartesian co-ordinates and mapping. Here is a selection of videos about the cartesian plane or cartesian co-ordinate mapping system from Online-math-learning.  This simple maze game from Shodor Interactives requires the player to use cartesian co-ordinates to map a route to the target, avoiding the mines. The Graph Mole has two versions of the game with an animated introduction to cartesian co-ordinates. You could also use a grid on the interactive whiteboard in Elluminate or GroupBoard to set up your own battleships game with a partner. This game at “Free Online games” would be a whole lot better if it used mapping co-ordinates instead of just ‘point and click’ to the target square. IXL maths has some activities, including “points on the cartesian plane” and “co-ordinate graphs as maps“.

This one, “Co-ordinate Battleships”, created by Colin from Flying Colours Maths in UK, is especially good because it has both positive and negative co-ordinates. Play against the computer by typing the co-ordinates into the box. if anyone finds a way to play with a partner using an online whiteboard or grid co-ordinates, please let me know by leaving a comment in the chat.

  1.   STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 says :

    battle ships was fun – i think you had to be really patient, to get a hit, i had 24 blue dots before i got 1 star :)

  2.   Turtle says :

    i leant that when your playing battle ships if u dont hav any hits u put in random ones

  3.   jim says :

    battleships was hard cause u couldnt find them easy

  4.   Lachlan says :

    the target one is hard when you have 30 mines

  5.   Tamiko-Shae says :

    the simple maze game was fun when you know what to do. i didnt really like the mole game.

  6.   sophie says :

    i play that mole game it was realy easy
    by sophie

  7.   Daniel says :

    the maze game is really good know i that x is down the bottom

  8.   Adam linke says :

    my favourite game was the target game. :)

  9.   cara says :

    the graph mole was fun but the mole was so ugly and battle ships was a bit hard

  10.   Bradley says :

    I learnt that you write x before y when writing co-ordanites

  11.   cara says :

    i like the mole game it got me thinking but the mole was so ugly and the battle ship game was kind of hard

  12.   cara says :

    i like the mole game it got you thinking but the mole was sao ugly

  13.   Nathan j says :

    I hate the battleship game because it would go to a new page each time you made a move the mine game was alright the mole game was boring but I learnt that x comes before y

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