Creating Graphs


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This week in 6/7 Maths we will use out data to create bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, stem-and-leaf plots and scatter graphs. The Kids Zone has a great tool for creating different types of graphs at Create-A-GraphChartGo is another on-line tool for creating graphs. Think about which graphs are best for each purpose and the information you are trying to convey.

Choose which data you would like to graph and decide which type of graph to use. Time/Temperature graphs are usually line graphs because the data is continuous. Discrete data (favourite colour, footy teams or fast foods for example) are better represented using bar or column graphs. When you are graphing percentages of a population a pie chart is most suitable. The other thing you need to remember is that all graphs need SALT on them. Make sure you season your graphs well with the following information:

S = Scale

A= Axes

L = Labels

T = Title

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